Dr. Devin is returning home to the Rocky Mountains and is excited to offer high level specialized spine care to the community. Over the last decade Dr. Devin has worked as an associate professor of orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery at Vanderbilt University caring for all levels of complexity and performing over 4500 spine surgeries. He is an invited speaker and teacher throughout the country focusing on outcomes research and treatment selection strategies for maximizing patient quality of health and satisfaction. Dr. Devin’s philosophy is to provide the least invasive treatment approach possible that will be durable and allow patients to return to their passions in life. Dr. Devin and his team at the Steamboat Spine Center maximize conservative intervention through physical therapy, yoga, injections, among others before resorting to surgery. Having grown up in Wyoming Dr. Devin understands life is about enjoying the outdoors with full mobility and without limitations from pain.